Welcome Note

We are happy to announce that the Conference “Data Science and Right to Science ” will be held in Dubrovnik, May 18th – 19th,  2019, at the premises of the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik.

The future of data science not only exceeds the boundary of recent statistical theories but is revolutionizing the current structure of academia and research paradigms. The impact of data science on the development of life sciences will continue to expand tremendously in the coming decades. The consequence is a growing capacity for research to provide insights into human biology and yield significant new understanding of human behavior. We are also facing tremendous development and growth of databases, creating opportunities as well as new challenges unknown to the scientific community and society at large before the age of big data. New methods of collecting and analyzing data may allow large improvements in health outcomes, among other reasons since medical therapeutic and diagnostic services offered to individual patients begin to merge the knowledge and practices of population and precision medicine.

Continuous progress in life-sciences, medicine and biotechnology have provided us with access to new ways of treating, preventing and even curing human diseases. As the impact of these advancements on individuals, communities, and societies grows, so does the importance of bioethics, a field which emerged about fifty years ago. Through both a theoretical and a practical endeavor, bioethics allows us to discuss and understand our deep moral concerns, fears, and hopes regarding the impact of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and its application to medical sciences and biotechnological advancements on our lives.

We invite you to attend the Conference “DATA SCIENCE AND RIGHT TO SCIENCE” while enjoying the magnificent City of Dubrovnik.

Best regards,

Professor Stjepan Orešković,                                       Professor Matthias Mann
President of the Organizing Committee           President of Scientific Committee